We are Burnside’s most dedicated removalists

MSB Removals is recognized as the leader among packing and moving services in the BURNSIDE region. We have a dedicated team of removalists who are trained to take your moving task seriously and ensure a stress-free moving experience. Our experience spans transportation, moving, packing and supply of boxes.

Our ‘customer first’ philosophy incorporates the focus to deliver world-class services to every customer. With an agile moving and packing process tailored to customer needs, we ensure quality services catering to the precise needs of our customers. For over 15 years, we have been consistently servicing the needs of our customers in the BURNSIDE area and enjoy a long list of satisfied clientele. Our motto has always remained to be on-time services and affordable pricing.

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Who Are We?

MSB Removals is comprised of a team of highly skilled removalists who work tirelessly to eliminate all the stress involved in the process of removal and relocation. Irrespective of whether you are moving your business, just a few items, or your home itself, MSB removals assure you the same quality of service and timeliness.

We value the importance of your time, peace of mind and money. The size of the job youhave on hand is never the core and our services will always remain at the same highest quality.

We have a highly experienced and friendly professional team to work with you in formulating the moving plan and executing it to perfection within the specified schedule and budget. In the BURNSIDE area, we are better known for the quality of service we provide and are delighted by the rave reviews from a long list of satisfied customers in the region. We always strive to take the hard part of the removal task on our shoulders and therefore plan, pack and deliver quickly. If you desire, we can also unpack your belongings when they arrive at the new location.

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